Welcome to the Shunamir Archives.

My Name is Ramiri Megig Akatall?
Keeper of the books at the 6th Luminary, above the Ankall Warren.
Member of the Scholar clan, Amature independent archivist.

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I am putting together a chronicle of the past and present of the Shunamir. I hope to help the Human and the other races of the galaxy to understand our culture and history. The archive is continually being updated by a select few Shunamir and we would all like to thank you for your interest in our planet Hush and its moon Ziana. Please keep any discussion on this or other topics civil and note that information is being compiled as quickly as possible. Due to Shumerian to English (a language i'm still learning) translation issues some words may not be fully understood, we will attempt to clarify to the best of our knowledge.

Project New Light


*New Race to the Star Citizen roster.
Explore the galaxy through the eyes of the newest Space Fairing race to join the stars. While the Hush Ascendant seeks to bring their religion to the UEE many Shunamir want to move away from what they view to be an oppressive government and find a new home among the stars.

*A story about flight
As a new Race on the galactic canvas. The starting story will take you through flight born out of revenge and wonder. Grab your identification and immerse yourself in the life of a new pilot to the Ascendant. Help uncover an old threat and join the fight to stop the Vanduul from ever using your planet again. Learn about the Crimson order and some day maybe fight along side them in the persistent universe.

*See the game from a new perspective.
After you have gone through the game as a human, seen it all done it all or are just starting. We seek to offer a new way to see the game, Shunamir have a much lower perspective because they walk on all fours generally you can see things like you never did before. Get low and sneak up on your enemys, or take them out with a rush at their legs. All this enhanced by the Oculus Rift.

*A magnificent view.
Along with their new perspective comes a peak into the UV spectrum. Experience the special Flora and Fauna of Hush as it comes alive with UV reactive plants and animals. And as you travel to places you may have been before notice the small changes UV sensitivity can offer you.

*New tools for Shuna and humans.
With a new race comes new tools for battle and novelty. MicroTech quickly jumped in with the MobiGlas GSK made for the Shunamir on the go. Many new weapons with Shunamir physiology in mind are being converted for human use as well. As well as glasses for those humans who want to see the hidden world that the Shunamir see with UV goggles.

*New Star Ships
After the Vanduul invasion some Shunamir set their sights on the stars. The Hush Ascendants company, Enlil Engineering, is gearing up to bring their ship designs to the UEE market.

*New world to explore
With the ruins of failed Vanduul experiments and relics from two wars still scattered around hush there is alot to discover and recover for profit. Or if you like just take a trip to visit the many Warrens taking in the sights and sounds of Hush maybe discovering a place of your own.

This site is a work of fiction and meant to be read as such. The works contained within is are fan works set in the Star Citizen universe and at this time have no Official affiliation to Roberts Space Industries or Cloud Imperium Games. The writen works contained in this site are property of Shuna.me and are not intended to be posted elsewhere without permission.