/ Viral Fungus /

This fungus because of its virulence has been designated a Class 3 biohazard by the UEE. Most notable about this fungus is its ability to transcend the animal-plant barrier. This fungus is mostly red in color, with some orange and violet variation. Its ability to survive in most environments has lead to its total takeover of most of the plant Hush. It appears that most flora and fauna on Hush have evolved to coexist with this organism, feeding it nutrients in return for protection. Most animal life including the Shunamir, have developed a coat of fur or armor to combat its spread to them. In unprotected lifeforms crimson first infiltrates the host like a virus using its host to make its mycélium, slowly destroying the host tissue. Its fungal spores are noticeable, however if they burst they can release hundreds of viral spores, microscopic in size and have been known to get past some of the lower grade oxygen filters this is apparent with both the UEE carrier “Bandet”, now on lockdown and quarantine within the system, (Note that the UEE still denies any problem with the filters used and attributes the accident to unforeseen experimental risks taken during first contact) and Vanduul cruzers that sit in pieces in the orbit of Hush. The UEE allows trade to Hush with inspection scans of all ships leaving the area. The spores are harmless to the skin in normal circumstances and the virus can be treated if reached in the first 10 hours of infection, after that too much tissue is usually damaged for a favorable prognosis. The Spores however have been known to enter the lungs and grow there. Under normal conditions this is fatal within hours but is easily treated by an inhaler.