Planet type: / X2 Super Earth, Terrestrial, M-Class /

  • Goverment: / Hush Ascendant / Image
  • Habitable: / Yes / The Hush Ascendant? would like you to know that though the oxygen levels on Hush are lower than Tera, this difference is not dangerous to humans or other races breathing a similar atmosphere.
  • Race(s): / Shunamir /
Pronounced: / shoo-na-mur /

Special Features:

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The planets rings are thin and many times not visible to the average viewer. In the UV spectrum they glow even in the sun.

This world is filled with many plateaus which appear to be formed from the planet’s core pushing up on some dense rocky disks in the planet's crust. Much of the Shunamir civilization is built within these plateaus. The continents on Hush are numerous but one stands to dominate the planet named Kud? it is where the Hush Ascendant is centralized. Many of the island continents are connected by large plant and tree growth reinforced by the crimson fungus milicia.

Because of the large unstable oceans and occasional moment of geological formations, due to the lose nature of much of the Hush bedrock. Huge storms can orbit the planet for months or even years at a time. These are incredibly destructive in nature and are one reason for the underground nature of the Shunamir.

Vanduul Technology
The Vanduul built city of Kadingir (Renamed by the Shunamir in 2913) was once a Vanduul stronghold. The UEE was surprised to learn of the repurposing of many Vanduul devices and technology for Shunamir use. The UEE is currently in talks with the Shunamir government to acquire some of the lesser known tech that was left in the building areas, though it must be noted that much of the original data and purpose has been destroyed.