Modern Weapons

Many Shunamir weapon designs have been copied from the Vanduul idea of a mass weapon. One weapon in particular is under review by the UEE for legal trade. The Gilim projectile? can be affixed to a arrow or a bullet, although the bullet version is very fragile and can not be fired by many of today’s high powered weapons. It contains some of the crimson spore and crimson virus that is so prevalent on our world. This can have a devastating effect on the nervous system, and death can come in as little as 30 hours if no treatment is sought. In the short term, it can cause tremors and loss or impairment of mental or muscle function.

Their Amplified weapon technology is just coming into its own again with the help of the Z-Battery?. Some builders on Hush are creating rather powerful energy rifle known as the Tab Shot? / or burning shot /. The drawbacks for now are that it seems to overheat quickly and must be cooled between shots, so the application is limited to sniping and careful aim more than front line fighting.