Vanduul invasion

In the year 2770, Hush became the target of Vanduul scouts. Soon after, a full invasion descended to the planet. The scouts had identified the problem of the Crimson Virus, and though only a few losses were attributed to it, it was still the most dangerous threat they had to deal with, according to what can be gleaned from broken logs.
The capital of Kararu was the first to fall, and the Vanduul took no prisoners. The Shunamir fought back, but with only iron and steel as well as some crude energy weapons that had recently been developed. Due to the tightly knit city walkways and tunnels, mass weapons had been all but abandoned by this point. Thus, the Vanduul were able to sweep through the city easily; only a few escaped to the subway tunnels.
During their occupation, it is assumed the Vanduul found some Na or Mir eggs, testing their nutrition levels to discover the high protein content. Aside from the other small trophies and metal mining, the farming of Shunamir eggs may have been the point of their ten year occupation. This is also possibly the reason the Shunamir are still alive. The Vanduul halted their advance at Kararu for a while to set up a large shield generator, but soon after began to filter through the tunnels, sweeping to other cities. This was the time of highest losses for the Vanduul; the tunnels lent an advantage, however slight, to the Shunamir. This was exploited at later times by the small bands of Crimson Order? freedom fighters.
The other large cities were secured with heaviest losses to the Shu. Many were taken prisoner to Kararu to begin the construction of the Vanduul stronghold city of Zergush. This project took about three years. During that time, a minimal force was left on Hush to oversee the construction and egg collection from the remaining cities.
Most of the Mir were taken into hiding by those that would come to be known as the Crimson Order, a counter-Vanduul rebel group. This group was quite successful at hiding. Electrical interference devices were easily set up by the Order to scramble communications and sensors. Though small in number, these kept many of the Mir safe.
After the shielded city of Zergush? was built, the large battleship once again returned to harvest the eggs and began building a second city that would be used for a mining project. The Vanduul did research into many of the viral strains of Crimson and eventually created some new, more virulent strains. The Shunamir body, to the annoyance of the Vanduul, easily adapted to many of the tests. However, these new strains eventually found their way into the forests that had been cleared by the Shunamir during the cleansing of 2543, a task that rid many forests close to populations of the Hush Fungus. This research would also lead to the abandonment of the second city project in 2776 when much of the city became overrun with a new strain that granted the fungus metal-eating properties.
This has recently been investigated by the Hush Ascendant? and this claim was found to be exaggerated. “no danger of such a fungus exists” said the newly appointed Ambassador to Hush Reigen Bancheck.
The occupation end in approximately 2780, when the Crimson Order pulled off a maneuver that saved their population, but unfortunately destroyed many important Vanduul artifacts. In the year 2780, a small amount of the Hush Fungus was placed on a transport headed for the battle carriers in orbit around the Shunamir world. This fungus quickly grew in its container and when the large boxes were opened, the true horror of the plan was realized. Two of three infected Shunamir burst from each of the enclosed boxes with the third already dead and releasing spores, which quickly floated up to meet the lung structures of the surrounding Vanduul. This was the last known transmission from the Vanduul fleet. The plan had been to hide in ducts and air vents, moving about the ships hidden as well as they could for as long as they could survive. This apparently succeeded; the ships were soon torn to pieces by their self-destruct devices, as had been observed whenever other Vanduul ships have been compromised. The Vanduul did not however leave without a parting gift. The city they had left was leveled assumingly by the same trigger that destroyed the battlecruisers. The Vanduul also launched a poison gas bomb that could have easily wiped out the population; however, upon impact, it was found to be inert from crimson contamination. To this day the bomb has not been recovered and remains in Ashunamir custody according, to the mudí. The Vanduul have not returned; likely the ruins of a battlecruiser would have warded off most initial looks into the system. The jump point they came through is not known.

UEE Notice
Bancheck would like to remind all Jumpers that finding this Jump point may not be the best thing for the UEE and should be brought to UEE attention immediately so it can be investigated as to the dangers.

Enough of the city was left intact to learn from, and that learning began quickly as well. Rebuilding began soon after the few overseers who were left were finally overpowered. Reconstruction would take decades, but the wealth of information left for them was enough to bring the Shunamir to Galactic Citizenship over a century later.