Material: / Solid Crystal /

Formed in the Hadnan plant, from zallpar, by means that are still being investigated. Zallka has been used over the centuries for many different things. From early musical performances to batteries and computing memory. Zallka has had a wide range of uses.
The solid form of zallka has a low tolerance to Acoustic vibration ranging from ultrasonic to Infrasonic. Sublimating to a gas whenever certain frequencies are reached and emitting light trapped through a natural process with the Hadnan plant.
This material is found on the surface of Hush as opaque to nearly clear crystalline structures, the Shunamir see them as bright however as they trap ultraviolet(external link) light. The Shunamir that inhabit the planet have been known to use zallka as crude and currently more complex communication over distances.

After much research additives were found to sufficiently change the rate at which it sublimated and it was then used in their early electronics and still has a place in much of the Shunamirs larger constructions. Its usefulness in the present time is being researched but it has been mostly replaced on Hush with more modern materials. However in their weapon and Z-Battery? construction it seems to be a an essential part of the process. Modern examples of this can be found at Enlil Engineering.